Tag: archaeology

  • AiD053: Leys with The Urban Prehistorian

    An interesting and wide-ranging chat with Glasgow University archaeologist Dr Kenny Brophy, better known as The Urban Prehistorian, where we discuss leys in the archaeological as well as the dowsing […]

  • AiD047: Revealing Cochno

    16 September 2015 In which we attend a test excavation at the Cochno Stone, the largest example of prehistoric rock art in Scotland, which has lain buried beneath the earth […]

  • AiD044: Dr John Ward – Dowsing in Egypt

    20 October 2014 An interview with Egyptologist, archaeologist, dowser, tour guide and adventurer Dr John Ward, who talks about his life and work in Egypt, where he has been instrumental […]

  • AiD043: Nigel Grace – The Bosnian Pyramids

    25 August 2014 In a presentation from the BSD’s 80th Anniversary 2013 Conference, Nigel Grace talks to us about his several trips to Bosnia to investigate the mysteries of the […]

  • AiD021: Dowsing and Archaeology

    29 October 2010 John Baker, Chair of the BSD Archaeology Special Interest Group, talks to us about the archaeological dowsing scene, and we hear presentations from two group members, Don […]

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