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AiD004: Tom Graves Explains All

150podcastlogo12 November 2008

Legendary dowsing author Tom Graves talks to us about the changes he has seen in the dowsing world in the 30 years since Needles of Stone was published, tells us what he’s been up to in Australia, and shares his model of the 7-circuit Classical labyrinth as a metaphor for the skills learning process. (19 mins, 14MB)


Click here for Tom’s labyrinth model
visit Tom’s website: Tetradian Books
Click here for Tom’s blog

AiD003: All About Water

150podcastlogo2 November 2008

We talk to professional water diviner Aaron Bray about his work, and Grahame teaches a student how to find water using L-rods. (29 mins, 20 MB)

visit Aaron’s website: Discover Dowsing

AiD002: Inside the BSD

150podcastlogo31 October 2008

We talk with former BSD President Patrick MacManaway and Director John Moss about their dowsing experiences and their thoughts on the BSD. (22 mins, 15MB)

AiD001: First Steps with the Pendulum

150podcastlogo31 October 2008
Grahame talks about dowsing theory and spends some time in a country park teaching a student how to dowse with the pendulum. (24 mins, 16MB)

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